Lieutenant Mike Zullo- Obama Was Never Born At Kapi’olani Hospital 

The video below is interesting on two levels. The primary point is that the document that Barack Obama presented as his birth certificate is a fake, a fraudulent document. So we have a usurper and forger in the White House, yet this fact is not worth one second of the mainstream media’s time.
The secondary issue is also interesting, in that the interview is conducted outside the mainstream media, and that you source it on Youtube. An excellent example of why trust in the mainstream media is falling,and why it is dying as an information source. The media is perceived by many as a front group for the Democrats and Obama, and its refusal to provide any news or discussion on this legitimate issue shows why.
Broadcast media is dying, and a big part of this death is its political bias. Media on demand is where the industry is going. The video below is there, it can’t be stopped or controlled by some Democrat posing as a journalist and filtering information, and you can watch it any time you like. Roll on the death of the mainstream media. Pravda was nothing compared to what they are today.